"Moderators are the champions of Armor Games, users knighted by Administrators to help maintain order, destroy spam and to help those in need. They wield a shield of truth and a lethal weapon to banish wrongdoers."

Moderators are the community's policemen/policewomen(!) and disciplinarians. Their main purpose is to enforce the established rules of Armor Games and assist in the community development. All moderators assume a similar role to Ferret, the Armor Games Community Manager and Administrator. They have abilities equal to Administrators, with the exception of executing permanent bans and editing the website's code.

Description Edit

The position of "Moderator" was established since the birth of Armor Games v2, which occurred November 14th, 2007. Since the site began to have a growing community, Administrators had a difficult time juggling the task of managing the community and the site code and game development, thus the first wave of Moderators were recruited.

The status is given to users who have proven leadership and teamwork skills, people who have been a part of Armor Games and its community for a long time, seeking to promote order throughout the site. Moderators, like Knights, have special privileges, but unlike Knights, have added powers and abilities that allow for complete control over user actions governed by the site's Administration rules. These powers include:

- Special Armatars

Moderators have a wide array of armatars to choose from, many of these armatars being customized or catered to that specific moderator.

- Blue Text & Moderator Badge

In the hierarchical system established on Armor Games, moderators exemplify their status through blue posting text on the forums and host the moderator badge under their armatar (a blue shield).

- Locking & Moving of Forum Threads

When a thread is no longer functioning properly, begins to host repetitive discussions or behavior that flies in the face of site rules, the thread is locked. The locking of a thread prevents any user from posting in the thread any longer and prevents the subject from resurfacing in that forum faction unless said thread is unlocked. If the forum thread does not match the classified field it is in, moderators move them to another forum sub section.

- Banning and Termination of Account

When a user has displayed behavior that is not condoned on Armor Games or has broken the site rules more than once, he/she will be banned. Bans range anywhere between a day to a month depending on the misdemeanor. If a user has not corrected their behavior, despite a fair amount of warnings, moderators can make referrals to Administration for the termination of that person's account. This form of banning, i.e. a permanent ban, is tied to a banning process called "IP banning", disabling a specific IP address from making an account on Armor Games.

Current Moderators Edit


Moegreche's Armatar


Moegreche is one of the first moderators to appear on Armor Games, and the longest serving moderator as well. While he relinquished his status sometime during 2011 he returned to the fold again in mid 2013. He is a frequent poster in WEPR section.


Strop's Armatar


Strop is one of the few who has remained a moderator for more than 4 years and was one of the first moderators to appear on Armor Games. Strop was the creator of the thread "Way Of Moderation".


MrWalker82's Armatar


Mrwalker82 is one of the first moderators to appear on Armor Games. He, unlike other moderators, has lurked the most in his time as a moderator, appearing most in the WEPR section.


Gantic's Armatar


Gantic is one of the first moderators to appear on Armor Games. He has been the biggest contributor to fighting spam on the site.


Zophia's Armatar


Zophia is a semi-inactive moderator. She was one of the first moderators to appear on Armor Games but was demodded due to her absence. She has recently been reappointed her title.


Reton8's Armatar


Reton8 is one of the newest moderators to appear on Armor Games. He was elected moderator in November of 2013.


Freakenstein's Armatar


Freakenstein is a moderator, and one of the last active moderators from his era. He is also one of the most active and long lasting moderators on Armor Games.


MrDayCee's Armatar


MrDayCee is a moderator, and one of the most active moderators on Armor Games.


weirdlike's Armatar


weirdlike is one of the newest moderators to appear on Armor Games. He is well known for his contribution to the Programming Forum on Armor Games, and the first mod to assist in that thread since the moderator dank.


UnleashedUponMankind's armatar


UnleashedUponMankind is one of the newest moderators to appear on Armor Games. He is well known for his contribution to The Tavern Forum.


kegaumongo's Armatar


kegaumongo is one of the newest moderators to appear on Armor Games. She is well known for her attendance in AMW. She was elected moderator on Febuary 5th, 2013.

Previous ModeratorsEdit


Devoidless' Armatar


Devoidless is a former moderator, and a moderator for six years. Devoidless resigned from Armor Games in late 2014 shortly after his status was defunct.


- Many ex-moderators are Knights now, see Knights page for more details

- The use of bans executed by moderators is often referred to as "ban hammer"

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