Joey Betz
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Member Since: 10/5/2008
Gender: Male
Occupation: Inactive

Appearance: The Admin Team

Joey Betz was an Administrator for Armor Games. He resigned from Armor Games in late fall of 2013, and was awarded the ranking Knight on January 13th, 2014.


Joey Betz is a flash game developer on Armor Games. Joey Betz was educated at Westwood College where he earned his BA in Computer Science. Before his time on Armor Games, he was the lead programmer at Say Design where he stayed for just over a year and a half. During his period on Armor Games, Joey became well known for creating the flash game series Crush the Castle and Sushi cat.

Crush the Castle SeriesEdit

Crush the Castle is by far the most popular series that Joey Betz has created.  So far there have been two games in the Crush the Castle series, and Crush the Castle Adventures, the third installment of the game, went gold on July 16th.
2011 Mochi Awards Interview with Crush the Castle 2 Developers Joey Betz and Chris Condon02:45

2011 Mochi Awards Interview with Crush the Castle 2 Developers Joey Betz and Chris Condon

Sushi Cat SeriesEdit

Another one of Joey Betz's games that has been very successful is Sushi Cat .  In this game you drop Sushi Cat and try to bounce yourself off obstacles in order to eat the sushi that is on the map. There have been 4 Sushi Cat games so far all with the same gameplay



- Joey Betz's Twitter page can be found here

- Joey Betz's LinkedIn page can be found here

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