Daniel McNeely
Daniel McNeely
Owner of ArmorGames

Member Since: 11/15/2007
Gender: Male
Occupation: Unknown

Appearance: The Admin Team

Daniel McNeely is the founder, CEO, and sole owner of Armor Games.


Daniel McNeely went to Biola University (1998-2002) where he went on to earn his BS in Marketing.  He is experienced in market research, meeting customer's needs, and executing 12 month business plans. Daniel McNeely is also specialized in online marketing, game publishing, management, project lead, website branding and identity, web 2.0, and casual gaming.

Founding of Armor GamesEdit

Daniel McNeely created the flash game site Games of Gondor in March of 2004.  In March of 2005, Daniel McNeely changed the name to Armor Games. Daniel McNeely helped Armor Games grow from 100,000 visitors a day to over 750,000 visitors a day.


- Daniel McNeely's Armor Games profile can be found here

- Daniel McNeely's Twitter page can be found here gffgame - Daniel McNeely's LinkedIn page can be found here

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