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This is the free to edit wiki that is dedicated the to Armor Games Flash game website, which has almost 5,000,000 registered users, houses some of the top quality Flash games, services the top user base, and is the humble abode to the best Forum of the interwebs.

If you're new, you should come join the community! We promise, you won't be disappointed.

Be sure to check the helpful links above for rules, help and much, much more!

Armor Games News

-04/30/2014 The long awaited forum post edit button has finally been established! Thread can be found here.

- 01/13/2014 'Knights' are introduced in AG.

Knighthood' and the title 'Knight' is bestowed upon a user that has shown exemplary deeds and outstanding behavior as a member of the Armor Games Community. This exclusive title is only granted to those users that have earned a special place among the citizens of the Kingdom.

- 07/18/2013 AG has a security breach, but no damage was done.

- 07/17/13 Official Armor Games Wiki released to the Community

- 07/09/2013 Start of the Official Armor Games Wiki

- 06/27/13 The "Community" tab has recently been changed to "Forums".

Today is March 292015 and it's a great day to play on Armor Games!

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