Arcade Games are a flash game category found on Armor Games. It lists the popular games in that category by plays and ratings. To view the Arcade Games section click here.

Top 5 Arcade Games by number of playsEdit

The worlds hardest game

The Worlds Hardest Game by SnubbyLand. Plays- 14,307,705 as of 7/9/2013

Hobo by SeethingSwarm. Plays- 8,621,866 as of 7/9/2013  

Papas Freezeria by Flipline. Plays- 7,797,207 as of 7/9/2013

The Lance by Tony. Plays- 3,858,370 as of 7/9/2013

Indestruc2Tank by Tony. Plays- 3,729,801 as of 7/9/2013

Top 5 Arcade Games by ratingsEdit


Into Space 2 by BarbarianGames. Rating- 9.1/10 as of 7/9/2013

Indestruc2Tank by Tony. Rating- 8.8/10 as of 7/9/2013

Sydney Shark by Weisi. Rating- 8.8/10 as of 7/9/2013

Indestructo Tank AE by Tony. Rating- 8.8/10 as of 7/9/2013           

Solipskier by Mikengreg. Rating- 8.8/10

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